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Surveillance Mic


Klein Electronics Patriot 2-Wire Surveillance Kit with Braided Cable

Head Set


Klein Electronics Voyager Series Lightweight Headset

Hand Mic


Klein Electronics Flare Compact Speaker / Microphone

Over the Ear - Ear Piece


Klein Electronics Over the Ear  Single Wire Ear Piece


Features Section Title


Garbage Bags

Starting At $2

42 Gallon Heavy Duty 3-Mil

Compost Bags


23 Gallon Bio Degradable Bags

Paper Towels


Individually Wrapped

Toilet Paper


Individually Wrapped

Liquid Soap


Multi Surface Spray Cleaner


Utility Knife


Includes Replacement Blades

Blue Tape


2" 3Mil




Box of 100 Latex Disposable Gloves

$25/Box 100

Hand Sanitizer 8oz


N95 Face Mask


Disposable Face Mask


Face Shield


Disinfecting Wipes


Disinfecting Wipes


Clorox Spray Cleaner Disinfectant


Laminated Safety Signs
For Purchase or Download for Free



Price List


Surveillance Mic $50

Head Set $40

Hand Mic $40

Over the  Ear - Ear Piece $35


Garbage Bags - Single $2

Garbage Bags - 5 Pack $7

Garbage Bags - 10 Pack $12

Garbage Bags - 25 Pack $20

Garbage Bags - Box of 50 $40

Compost Bags - Single $1

Paper Towel Roll $3

Liquid Hand Soap $4

Toilet Paper Roll $1

Multi Surface Spray Cleaner $3

Utility Knife $3

2" Blue Tape $7


Disposable Gloves 100 Count Sm Large $25

8oz Hand Sanitizer $7

N95 Protective Mask $6

Disposable Mask $1

Face Shield $7

Disinfecting Wipes 75 Count $8

Disinfecting Wipes 35 Count $4

Clorox Disinfectant Spray Cleaner $8

COVID Safety Signs $1.50

Download Safety Signs For Free By Clicking on The Links Below

General COVID Safety

Symptoms of COVID-19

Face Covering Do's and Dont's

Proper Disinfectant Use

Packet of Set Posters

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