Go-4 Nuge Production Rentals FAQs

Can I get an estimate?

Because of the volume and all the last minute production changes we don't send estimates for production supply orders ...we send estimates for Motor Home Rentals and craft service only.

Please use the Official Excel Estimate Form for production supplies, but do not send us this form. The SELF SERVICE ESTIMATE FORM is a tool for you to keep track of costs and budget.

Click here for The Go4Nuge Estimate Form

Where do I pick up?

We have two sites three miles from one another. You must contact a Nuge employee to find out exact pickup information.

Will I be charged for my pickup/return day?

We always allow a free pickup and free return day that cap your rental period. If you pickup/return on the day your items are in use then you will be charged for that day.

What are your hours?

We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We allow for pickups and returns anytime day or night as along as we are notified of any off hour returns (see After Hours Policy)

What is your after hours policy?

If a vehicle is picked up or returned afterhours (Before 6AM After 10PM) to the Nuge Compound and you do not inform us of afterhours pickup/return by 8PM the night of or before pickup/return via email Orders@Go4Nuge.com; you will be billed for an additional day’s rental. 

If we know about the afterhours pickup/return, we can and will make accommodations and adjustments and there will be no additional charge. (This is due to us offering secured parking at our home compound. When vehicles come and go in the middle of the night without us knowing, we get up to investigate which disturbs our sleep cycle.)

Can I get the pickup instructions and codes before returning my paperwork?

No. In order to keep The Cube and Compound secured we do not allow any codes to go out before all appropriate paperwork has been completed.

Can I make an order over the phone?

We are happy to discuss orders and answer any questions over the phone, but a phone call does not hold or book your order.  You must follow up with an email to ORDERS@GO4NUGE.COM 

Click here to jump to our "How To Place An Order" section of the website

Do you offer delivery?

Most of the time, No. We have a small staff and can not offer regular deliveries/pickups BUT if there is an occasion where we are able to then the cost is $80 for drop off on set and $80 for pickup after shooting is over. We are only able to do a drop off and pickup up NO SET UP OR BREAKING DOWN OF SUPPLIES.

Do you load trucks with production supplies?

No. We do not preload or load your truck. We do not have enough staff and our production supplies are keep at a separate location from our vehicles.

Can I store a non-Nuge vehicle at The Compound?

No. We do not allow any non nuge vehicles to be stored in the compound for liability reasons. We also simply do not have the space for any additional vehicles.

How old does a driver need to be?

To drive a Nuge rental vehicle your driver needs to be at least 21.

Will you inherit non-nuge supplies?

We go case by case. Please let us know exactly what you’d like to leave with us and Dave will make the final decision.

Do you have garbage service?

No. We have no garbage service. Garbage left at The Cube, The Compound, or in any vehicle will result in a $50 garbage removal fee.

What is a Challenge?

If you are ready to book a vehicle or production supply that is holding (not booked) by another company you may put in a challenge for that item. When we send the other customer the challenge and give them 8 hours to either book or release their hold. You must have all paperwork completed and you must be ready to book. You will be liable for the term of the challenge if you win then decide to cancel.

What are you doing in response to the COVID-19 crisis to keep your customers safe?

Please view our statement on COVID-19 and the precautions we will be taking to protect our customers by clicking here.

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