Map & Directions

Go-4 Nuge has TWO sites three miles apart in the Ballard neighborhood just north of downtown Seattle.

Be absolutely sure you know the correct location for your pickups and returns before heading to one or the other.

The COMPOUND is where our office is and we store vehicles, generators, walkies, MIFI's, tents and a few other items.

The Address to the COMPOUND is:

9205 14th AVe NW, 

Seattle WA 98117

The compound is our home and is secured with a locked gate entrance either by the drive way or a walk in gate.

If you are picking up tents or heavy items, let us know and we can open the rolling gate for you so you can drive in.

The Map below shows the address for the shipping yard where our storage containers called "The Cube" are located.


You MUST contact a Nuge employee for exact location, codes, and pickup instructions.


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